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Transparent Stablecoin: The Power of the Charli3 Oracle for Mehen’s Bank Reserves!

Transparent Stablecoin: The Power of the Charli3 Oracle for Mehen’s Bank Reserves!

In the era of digital assets, where blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we look at financial transactions, it is crucial for these transactions to remain transparent and auditable. Mehen understands this significance and has taken an innovative approach to building trust in its stablecoin $USDM.

To ensure a high degree of transparency and security Mehen has employed Charli3, an independent oracle service, as a third-party verifier for its stablecoin reserves.

What is Charli3 and why does it matter?

Charli3 is an oracle service in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem that allows smart contracts to securely interact with off-chain data and services. In simpler terms, Charli3 is like the eyes and ears of a smart contract, providing real-world information to a contract that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access it.

In the case of Mehen, Charli3 is tasked with verifying the bank’s reserve balances prior to every minting operation of USDM, and broadcasting this information publicly on-chain. This unique approach to reserve verification ensures that the value of each USDM token is fully backed by real-world fiat reserves at all times.

How does it work?

To perform this operation, Charli3 utilizes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which are essentially sets of rules that dictate how software components should interact. In this scenario, the API serves as a bridge between the oracle service and Mehen’s bank accounts.

Proof of Reserves

When Mehen decides to mint new USDM tokens, Charli3’s decentralized node network accesses the bank’s account information through the API. It verifies the reserve balance and publishes the details on the blockchain. This information becomes a part of the smart contract of the USDM token, ensuring that every token minted is directly tied to a verifiable fiat reserve.

Benefits to the Consumer

This innovative approach brings multiple benefits to the consumer:

Transparency: The reserve information is made public on-chain, providing full transparency to all stakeholders. This ensures that every user has access to the information needed to verify the value of their USDM tokens.

Security: The implementation of Charli3’s oracle service prevents unauthorized minting of tokens. This safeguard protects the value of the USDM and prevents fraudulent activities.

Trust: By incorporating an independent oracle service like Charli3, Mehen instills trust in its users. The entire process is auditable and verifiable, reassuring users about the reliability of the bank’s operations.

Stability: Since every minted USDM token is backed by a verifiable reserve, the stability of the token’s value is assured. This makes USDM a reliable store of value, counteracting the inherent volatility of the crypto market.

In conclusion, Mehen’s collaboration with Charli3, in combination with its decentralized approach to reserve verification, marks a revolutionary stride towards improving the transparency, security, and trustworthiness of stablecoins. This innovative model, through its patent-pending design, is setting new standards for the rest of the stablecoin market to follow.

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