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Veralidity revolutionizing eCommerce with Mehen’s USDM

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Decentralized Finance

Veralidity, an Adobe Magento development agency, is excited to unveil its strategic use of Mehen’s USDM. Specializing in seamless blockchain integrations, Veralidity stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a revolutionary blockchain payment solution. Their payment solutions natively install cryptocurrencies alongside traditional fiat currencies, which allows the merchant to choose the cryptocurrencies they want to accept from their administration control panel, and allows customers the ability to choose which currency they want to complete transactions. This facilitates merchants to be able to process sales orders seamlessly as with any fiat currency since sales orders placed using their platform are actually placed using the customer’s cryptocurrency of choice rather than a merchant’s base currency, such as USD, or Euro.

Empowering Merchants with Choice

Veralidity’s expertise in Magento development and seamless blockchain integrations allow merchants to instantly turn their Adobe Magento digital brick-and-mortar into a web3 platform. Veralidity’s Cardano payment solution gives merchants the opportunity to directly accept Cardano and its native tokens alongside other traditional payment providers such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Authorize.net, Google Pay, and many others.

The Strategic Collaboration: Veralidity x Mehen’s USDM

This strategic partnership with Mehen’s USDM leverages the stability and reliability of USDM, a fiat-backed stablecoin fully backed 1:1 by the USD in reserves. With transparent on-chain oracles reporting the reserve status, USDM ensures a secure and efficient stablecoin for transactions.

Revolutionizing the eCommerce Experience

Veralidity’s forward-thinking approach revolutionizes the eCommerce space, providing merchants and customers with a seamless and user-friendly experience for both fiat and crypto transactions. The platform acts as a bridge for Adobe Magento merchants, opening up two distinct roads: one for traditional fiat payments and the other for crypto transactions. Merchants using Veralidity will be able to settle payments far cheaper than their fiat counterparts due to their direct P2B (Peer-2-Business) payment gateway, allowing merchants to settle payments for pennies on the dollar compared to a 1–3.5% per transaction fee charged by traditional fiat payment gateways.

Blockchain Payments: Meeting the Evolving Landscape of eCommerce

The decision to integrate Mehen’s USDM for payments through Veralidity addresses the evolving landscape of eCommerce. With a laser focus on user experience, Veralidity simplifies transactions, offering customers the flexibility to choose their preferred crypto wallet at checkout. Veralidity’s Cardano payment solution aligns with their broader vision of promoting wider crypto adoption in eCommerce.

Looking to the Future: Integration and Innovation

While the current version of Veralidity keeps traditional and crypto payment tracks separate, the future holds the promise of a more integrated experience. Subsequent iterations of the platform may bridge the gap between these two worlds, allowing customers to pay in crypto while providing merchants the option to settle the other side of the transaction in traditional fiat for a nominal fee.


In the pursuit of eCommerce seamlessly integrating with the benefits of decentralized finance, the partnership between Veralidity and Mehen’s USDM marks a significant step. This collaboration not only facilitates the easy onboarding of merchants into the crypto world but also empowers them with a cost-effective, stable, and secure payment option. Get ready for a new era of payments, where tradition meets innovation and businesses thrive in the digital economy.

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